The Result of the Massacre for African Americans who survived in 1919 was immediate poverty.  They had been earning good incomes on rich land.  Not wealthy, but hard-working people who knew where their next meal would come from.  All that ended with the lynchings and the burning of crops, homes, and possessions.  That poverty exists today in the area for the people, almost all of whom are descendants of those who lost lives or faced immediately poverty in 1919.   

The purpose of this  Elaine Legacy Center website is to invite everyone who wants to strengthen the community and end poverty that has lasted 100 years to help by praying, acting, and funding EQUAL TODAY.  Everyone can help.  Those of us in Elaine and those of us around the world know that we all benefit when no one lives in poverty.  Every dollar helps Elaine descendants start their own businesses to earn money and helps to be the village that raises the kids together.  

Businesses like cooking, authentically Elaine art and music, caring for children, making home-made bread to sell, growing foods, starting a Farmer’s Market.    Youth programs like USDA feeding programs, recreation, trips to swimming pool, spiritual and moral values education.  

The Memorial Tree

A Living Memorial was planted in the area where in 1919 the first memorial willow tree was placed to mark a mass grave in which incarcerated African Americans were forced to bury the bodies of friends and neighbors.

Chopped down in hate

The tree was axed at the base August 21, 2019, and the memorial tag on the tree stolen. It will be replaced by a bigger tree with security and lighting this winter when it is the best time to plant trees.  Investigations are ongoing.


Crime Investigation

Yellow Crime tape marked the spot until Arkansas State Parks and Tourism Investigators investigated the crime and sent reports on to the proper authorities.  Please call 501-682-7744 with information leading to an arrest.